Tri Marine Founding Executive Retires

The Managing Director of Tri Marine’s European operations, Carlo Mango, who was also one of the company’s founding shareholders, retired at the start of this year.

In a letter announcing the retirement, Tri Marine’s Chairman Renato Curto writes that he will miss Mango’s “hard work, his experience and his wisdom in the daily business”, adding that “Carlo's knowledge and expertise in our tuna business are unsurpassed.”

Mango joined Tri Marine in 1980, and was one of the founding shareholders when Tri Marine went private in 1986. “Carlo was instrumental in building the company we have today. We could not have done it without him,” Curto adds.

He held the position as Managing Director of Tri Marine International for 18 years, being responsible for the firm’s Asia-Pacific, African and European business. In 2003 he moved to Italy, his home country, taking on the role as Managing Director of Tri Marine Europe.

One of his main tasks in this position was “maintaining and solidifying” the relationship with Italian-based Bolton Alimentari, which Curto describes as one of Tri Marine’s most important customers. Bolton Alimentari’s parent firm, Bolton International, acquired a 40 percent stake in Tri Marine in 2013.

While remaining a shareholder in the firm, Mango’s responsibility for the European business will be taken over by Simone Milani, the previous General Manager for Tri Marine’s Spanish operations.