Maltese Domestic Attack Over Can Of Tuna

The dispute began when a can of tuna went missing, the accused then allegedly began throwing various items at the victim. The 40-year-old man has been granted a EUR 5,000 (USD 6,661) bail.


Man Arrested For Theft Of Tuna Cartons

A 30-year-old Indian man was caught stealing 90 cartons of canned tuna in olive oil at a supermarket in Milan last night.

The stolen products, of an undisclosed brand at the time of this publication, are worth a total of EUR 750.

After receiving an alert of two suspicious individuals roaming inside a supermarket warehouse in the middle of the night, the police started chasing two men dressed in dark clothes, catching one of the thieves on the run. The man was arrested for aggravated theft and police resistance while his accomplice managed to escape.

The stolen tuna was recovered intact and returned to the warehouse.


Martiko Releases MSC Smoked Tuna

Martiko, the MSC pioneering fish smoking company in Spain, is expanding their range to include MSC smoked tuna in organic oil.

“We wanted to offer our consumers a new added value... incorporating tuna as a new certified sustainable raw material,” the company said in a statement.


Mercury in Yellowfin, Found By RASFF

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) discovered a high amount of mercury in yellowfin fillets from Spain.
The shipment of frozen yellowfin tuna fillets was stopped at the border of Italy and placed on alert. The sample was found to have 1.6mg/kg of mercury, this is 160 percent higher than the maximum amount set by the European Union’s Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for tuna which is 0.1 mg/kg.
The product has now been withdrawn from the market.


More Bluefin Spotted In North Sea And Scotland

The spotting of Atlantic bluefin tuna in the North Sea has become more frequent this year.

Sightings of the largest tuna species in the North Sea and off the west coast of Scotland, which was common 70 years ago, pretty much vanished in the 1960s. “At that time, they used to be seen regularly until herring shoals were fished out”, according to a local scottish fisherman.

Lately there have been incidental catches of Atlantic Bluefin in these waters, and earlier this week, a bluefin washed up dead on the beach of Fife, Scotland. These could be signs that this tuna species is making a comeback, particularly now that the stock of mackerel and herring shoals, fish targeted by bluefin, are becoming healthier and recovering in the North Sea.

Scientists at Marine Scotland have launched a project to find out more about the behavior, as well as the increased presence, of the migratory species in Scottish waters.


More Mexican Tuna To Hit The Middle East Markets

New approved air services between Mexico and the Middle East will enable Mexico to increase its tuna market share in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The agreement, which will serve to expedite commercial routes of tuna products, a.o., is important to these countries as they are looking to diversify their economic activity from the oil sector.


Mozambican NGOs Demand Justice Over “Tuna Bond” Scandal

After multinational bank Credit Suisse recently escaped prosecution from the USD 2.5 billion “tuna bond” scandal, 5 NGOs in Mozambique are elevating action to the United Nations and G20 to demand justice from the UK's financial watchdog, which probed the case of the controversial loan scheme.


NZ Patrol Finds No IUU In Tokelau EEZ

No IUU offenses were detected by the New Zealand Defense Force during recent maritime patrols and inspection of 10 vessels in the EEZ of Tokelau and Samoa.

The patrols are assisting the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency to manage, control and develop the tuna fisheries of its 17 members, an industry worth more than USD 3 billion a year.


Pakistan Catches 70,000 Tons Without Fleet Monitoring

Pakistan’s tuna fleet failed to comply to monitoring standards and development of proper handling and processing facilities for tuna as required by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, according to a report by local newspaper, Dawn.
An estimated 70,000 M/T of tuna, consisting mainly of yellowfin, skipjack and “longtail” is being caught by Pakistan’s fishing vessels. 


Philippine Yellowfin Catches Plummet

Yellowfin tuna landings are reported to have declined by almost 15 percent, as shown in latest PSA data. Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is planning to implement measures to improve yields and reduce imports.


Sea Of Cortez Biomass Revived

This image captured near Cabo Pulmo National Park, Sea of Cortez is evidence of Brazil's successful conservation efforts. The area is home to numerous species including Yellowfin and Skipjack.


Seafood Fraud Running "Rampant" In NYC

An investigation by the New York State Office of the Attorney General has found that more than one in four, or 26 per cent of seafood purchases are mislabeled.
The report revealed “rampant” mislabeling and seafood fraud affecting “virtually every tested seafood category” including tuna.


Somalia OKs Fishing Licenses To China

The Somalian government has granted 31 fishing licenses to China, allowing the China Overseas Fisheries Association, which represents 150 companies, to fish for tuna in Somali waters.

Local fishermen, as well as some environmental groups. have raised concerns over depletion of stocks and competition against the Chinese fleet.


Spain Now Vietnam’s Biggest EU Export Market

The export of tuna from Vietnam to Spain has experienced a significant boom with a sudden growth rate of 336 percent. Elsewhere, the Netherlands and previous leader, Germany, suffered from negative growth in Vietnamese tuna exports.


Spanish Tuna Belly Product Gets “Great Taste” Recognition

The Spanish brand Conservas Juanjo has been given the “great taste” recognition for its bonito del norte product by the London based Great Taste Awards (GTA). The Atlantic albacore tuna reference in olive oil, made from the tuna belly, received two stars from GTA.


Storm Cuts Power To Jealsa Cannery

The Jealsa de Boiro cannery, in Portugal, has been left without power for 30 minutes due to harsh weather condition in the municipalities of Ribeira and Porto do Son. 
The incident occurred shortly after 10 a.m., Dec. 18. Electricity to the cannery was restored shortly before 11 a.m. (GMT -1).


Tango With A Tuna, A Most Peculiar Statue

A Statue of a man dancing with a tuna has been ranked amongst the most peculiar statues in the world. The piece called Man With Fish, was sculpted by German artist Stephan Balkenhol and currently stands in Chicago, Illinois. 


Trafficking By Tuna Vessels Key To El Chapo Cartel

An anonymous witness informed authorities that Colombian ships, including a number of tuna vessels, were essential to the organized crime syndicate. Between 1990 and 1993, the unidentified man claimed to smuggle between 25 and 30 tons of Colombian cocaine per year.


Trini Comes Home For The Holidays 

Trini, the famous tuna, has returned to the port of l’Escala, Spain for the fourth consecutive year.
Fishermen have been reporting sightings for the last couple of days but only recently has the tuna swam into the port. Fishermen, neighbors and passers-by have come to visit La Trini who has become a social phenomenon since she first appeared in December 2015. 


Turkish Bluefin For Japanese Sushi

Turkey reached a turnover of USD 56.6 million with its exports of farmed bluefin tuna raised in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts during the first nine months of this year, according to Turkish news source.

The volume of the bluefin exports increased by 5% reaching a tonnage of 6,726.

Japan was the main buyer, with the bluefin tuna destined for its valuable sushi market, representing an 18% growth compared to the volume imported from Turkey over the same period in 2017.