We actively respond the call for sustainability and fishing operation are under below three principles:

1. Maintain a sustainable fishing source

Limit the fishing activity to protect the fish nature.

2. Minimize the environmental affect

Maintain the ecological structure, productivity function and diversity.

3. Effective fishing management

Comply with all the local state and compatible international laws.

Social Responsibility

 Employee Orientation

Employee is the basement for the development of the company. Specific trainings with different levels are provided including new employee orientation, professional skill etc, to build a solid and diverse platform for the future development of employee.

Sunshine Benefit

We establish a Sunshine Association to help the staff and their families suffering from disaster.


Concerning about Employee

Build a positive and healthy living surroundings for the employee by organizing rich leisure activities.

Energy Saving

Follow ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and promote the use of energy saving technology to save energy and consume resource reasonably by scientific measures.     

Innovate technology on resource saving and recycling and adopt energy saving technology, products and equipment in priority.