Bumble Bee has reached a settlement with the American distributor US Foods to end claims related to the nation-wide conspiracy to keep prices of canned tuna artificially high.

US Foods partners with over 250,000 restaurants and food service operators in more than 60 locations. The company also operates 14 processing facilities.

The terms of settlement were not mentioned during the filing on Monday (Feb. 25). Another food distributor, Sysco Corp. has also inked a similar private deal on February 13, 2019.

The civil lawsuits against the Big Three (Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea and StarKist) began in 2015 amid an investigation into alleged price fixing in the US canned tuna sector. 

Bumble Bee pleaded guilty to a criminal anti-trust charge in May last year and paid USD 25 million fine, which could become more than USD 80 million if the firm were to be bought by another company.

In January, Atuna reported that StarKist had paid off USD 20.5 million worth of settlements to Walmart in a bid to resolve all claims related to price fixing charges against the company.