In Brief
UK Bluefin Preservation Program Launched
Following increased bluefin sightings, the University of Exeter with CEFA have launched an electronic tagging program. The two-year initiative is the first step in bluefin conservation in British waters.
8 NGOs Petition EU For Stronger Bluefin Measures
A group of 8 NGOs have jointly issued a statement addressed to EU Fisheries Commissioner, Karmenu Vella, urging him to “oppose any new provision [at the upcoming ICCAT meeting] that might weaken existing management measures” and for Brussels to desist from requesting a raised quota. Among the signatories are Greenpeace, Oceana, Pew, WWF, The Ocean Foundation, Sciaena, EJF, and Clientearth.
Atún Herdez Makes Clean Beach Pledge
Mexican tuna brand Atún Herdez has pledged money to a “beach cleaning” program in Mexico. The initiative will involve volunteers cleaning beaches and attending talks on waste management.
WWF Should Accept Adjudicators Verdict On MSC For Echebastar
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