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Dongwon Longline Fishery Recommended For MSC Certification
29 May 2020

Control Union Pesca (CU Pesca) has published the final report for the MSC certification of the Dongwong Pacific longliner fishery, which involves bigeye, yellowfin, as well as South and North Pacific albacore. The certification body has recommended that the fishery obtain the well-recognized sustainable logo.

Previously, Atuna reported that CU Pesca considered that while the Unit of Assessment involving the stocks in the WCPO met the required standards, those in the EPO did not. Due to this, all the EPO stocks were removed from assessment and are not part of the final recommendation. In total, the certification involves 11 Korean-flagged longliners owned by Dongwon.

Mexican Tuna Fisherman Taken To Hospital After Fall
29 May 2020

A crew member on board the tuna vessel ‘Baja Sea’ was transported to a hospital after he suffered a fall that caused a hip contusion. The medical evacuation was quickly carried out by the Mexican Navy with the help of naval doctors, showing that despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, medical aid for non-related cases continues to be rapidly delivered.

The tuna boat was fishing near Coronador Island off the northwest coast of Baja California. The vessel ‘Baja Sea’ is not on the IATTC records. The navy voiced its commitment to Mexican citizens and to safeguard human life at sea.

COVID-19 Misery Not Yet Over For Thai Union
27 May 2020

Today, Thai Union (TU) Group informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand that one of its workers at its European Seafood Investment Portugal (ESIP) plant has tested positive for COVID-19. As a precaution, 200 of the 850 employees who had been in contact with the infected worker were sent home. The plant is cooperating with Portuguese health authorities to monitor these people. The mackerel and sardines cannery is still operating and the existing anti-viral measures have been expanded to avoid further spread of infection.

This is the fourth major setback within two weeks for TU which could puncture investors’ confidence. The seafood giant had to partially close its Pioneer Food Cannery in Ghana due to the coronavirus while its Canadian lobster plant caught fire. The Red Lobster restaurant chain -- TU owns 25 percent of the shares -- is facing bankruptcy. Currently, TU's share value remains around THB 12.50 (USD 0.39).

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