Consorcio’s Promotion Reaps Success With Van Gogh Art 23 May 2024

Spanish tuna producer Grupo Consorcio is paying tribute to the famous Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh by promoting its latest line of tuna products in sunflower oil with his artwork. In the campaign ‘We are inspired by what you need,’ launched in April, the high oleic sunflower oil tuna jars are promoted on social media and YouTube with Gogh’s famous artwork ‘Los Girasoles’, sunflowers in a vase made in 1888.

Consorcio created two graphics in which the vase is replaced by the brand’s jars thus showing its attributes: innovation and quality, reported marketing news sites. A spokesperson for Consorcio said that the high interaction and engagement across all online platforms show that the marketing strategy has been effective in generating interest and interaction among consumers. Consorcio launched the new sunflower oil product line last month in 40 g cans, and 190 g, 295 g, and 350 g jars of albacore and yellowfin.

South And North Pacific Albacore Catches Retain MSC 17 May 2024

The clients American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) and Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA) received an MSC certification for the North and South Pacific albacore catches. Both the fisheries, that hook tuna using poll-and-line and troll gears in the EPO and WCPO, were first MSC certified in 2007 and went for another reassessment last year. All 42 vessels caught 4,209 tons of North Pacific albacore and 1,400 tons of South Pacific albacore, in 2021 and 2022, respectively. The majority of Pacific albacore is landed in Washington and Oregon.

The Chinese company Pingtairong Ocean Fishery Group Co. Ltd received the MSC certification for its albacore, bigeye, and yellowfin catches in the WCPO, EPO, and the waters of Cook Islands. There are 29 longliners, all of them flagged to China, that will capture this fish. The fishery received a score of above 80 for all three principles – target species, ecosystem impacts, and management system — for all Units of Assessment (UoAs). The total green weight catch of South and North Pacific albacore was 364 M/T and 277 M/T, bigeye was 223 M/T, and yellowfin was 404 M/T, in 2021.

Founder Of ParleVliet & Van Der Plas Passed Away At 97 14 May 2024

Dirk Parlevliet, founder of Dutch ParleVliet & Van Der Plas (P&P) fishing company, died on April 17 at the age of 97. He started the trading firm in 1949 with his brothers-in-law Jan and Dirk Van der Plas. In the 1980s, he introduced sustainable fishing and said “We leave the capital in the sea and fish only the interest.” He practiced what he preached. P&P became one of the first companies to embrace catch limits when the shrinking fish resources forced the EU to impose quotas. P&P then took over smaller fisheries in mackerel and herring paving the way to grow into the conglomerate it is today. His son, Diederik Parlevliet, and Jan van der Plas took over the business and acquired tuna fishing company CFTO in 2016, processor Deutsche See in 2018, and a stake in Thunnus Overseas Group in 2021.

Dirk retired in 1985 and remained involved in the business and occasionally gave advice. His recommendation to reflag boats so they could fish in other nations’ waters contributed to the company’s prosperity, stated Diederiek Parlevliet.

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