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Heathrow Earns "Sustainable Fish Airport" By Removing Red-Rated Fish
14 June 2019

Heathrow, Europe’s largest airport, has been named the world’s first “Sustainable Fish Airport”. This is a culmination from a cross-industry six-month project involving 37 restaurants and cafes, Sustain, the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and Heathrow’s senior management team.

It entailed tracing the source of seafood from all of the airport’s food and beverage outlets and Heathrow committing to adopting a sustainable fish buying policy. “Red-rated” fish will be removed within a year as it is considered the least sustainable by UK’s Marine Conservation Society.

Heathrow serves four million fish meals to its customers annually. More than 20 fish species, including tuna, are sold across all five terminals. Sustain, a UK-based organization which advocates food and agriculture policies and practices, gave the award. 

Albacore Auction Season Begins In Galicia
13 June 2019

The Albacore or Atlantic Bonito del Norte auction season has begun in Spain. Fishermen unloaded thousands of kilograms of white tuna at the renowned Mariñana fish market in Burela, situated in the Galician province of Lugo.    

Basque fishermen unloaded 5.1 tons of the tuna at the market. Prices ranged from EUR 5.85 to EUR 10.40. The average price for the albacore was EUR 7.30, which was sold by Koroko, a regular at this auction. 

Miguel Neira, Manager of the fishing company, Armadores de Burela (ABSA), stated that more boats will be unloading in various fish markets in the area so buyers are aware of this tuna hitting the auction floors. 

Veteran John Zuanich Named Alternate Commissioner IATTC
12 June 2019

The Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) has a new alternate commissioner, John Zuanich. He has been appointed by the US Department of State to act on their behalf and asked to carry out the important responsibilities of this position. Zuanich’s first action will be to assist in the IATTC annual meeting being held from July 15 to 26, in Bilbao, Spain.

John Zuanich is a well-known veteran in the tuna industry where he had been working for 45 years before his retirement last year. He ended his long career as the Commercial Manager at Tri Marine International.

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