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Mentality Change Needed In Pacific: Less Imports, More Domestic Produce
19 August 2019

Last week, the Tamahu Natai Fish Market in Vanuatu was opened in a joint ceremony with officials from the island nation and the New Zealand High Commissioner. The market will provide favorite local seafood such as tuna and poulet. The project is spearheaded by native Vanuatuans and is primarily for their benefit.

Prices for the two types of fish are high on the island. According to the staff of the Ministries of Ni Vanuatu Business and Agriculture, this new venue will provide their items at lower prices than other outlets. Director-General of Trade Roy Mickey Joy said that locals must adopt a change in mentality to start appreciating their own fresh and healthy seafood. 

The project was put together by the Government of Vanuatu, custom landowners of Ifira, Government of New Zealand and Pacific Community (SPC), and Government of Japan (JICA).  

US School Wants To Punish Kids With Tuna
16 August 2019

Students with unpaid lunch debts will only be offered tuna sandwiches in Cherry Hill Public Schools in New Jersey. The prevention measure was proposed by Assistant Superintendent, Lynn Shugars, who claimed that students' meal debts have grown to USD 14,343. She told board members that she thought about giving the kids peanut butter instead of tuna. However, she ultimately chose the latter “because we know that our little ones would probably very happily eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until the end of time."

Those pupils with arrears of USD 10 will only be served tuna sandwiches. If the debt reaches USD 20 or more, they will not get any lunch at all until it is paid.  

Thai Union Rebuilding Tuna Oil Refinery
16 August 2019

Thai Union has started a project to rebuild its tuna oil refinery plant in Rostock, Germany, with minor improvements with an aim to have the plant commissioned by July 2020. The facility caught fire on June 1, 2019 and the cause of the incident is still unknown at this stage. 

The company wrote off assets associated to the plant valued at EUR 16 million during second quarter of this year. However, the impairment is expected to be fully met by the insurance claim.

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