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No EU Tuna Food Safety Alerts In November
06 December 2019

No tuna-related food safety alerts were published by the EU Regulatory Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) for the entire month of November. The agency provides the latest information on food recalls and public health warnings in all EU countries.

In October, at least four tuna-related incidents were reported by the RASFF ranging from baby food containing tuna with arsenic and mercury in Czech Republic to poor temperature control of frozen yellowfin that was shipped from the Solomon Islands. 

Ecuador Taking Action Against Yellow Card
04 December 2019

Ecuador has already started to take action to rid itself of the EU yellow card for when the progress of the national fishery sector will be analyzed next April or May. One of the main criticisms of the European Commission is that Ecuador's fishing law is obsolete in relation to international standards. The Ministry of Production has announced the much anticipated new Fisheries and Aquaculture Law which will replace the current one that dates from 1974. 

The new law includes sanctions against IUU fishing as well as the incorporation of monitoring equipment that will demand an investment of 18 million dollars.

RD Seiner Rescues Five After A Week Of Drifting
04 December 2019

The crew of RD Fishing purse seiner Dolores 787 has rescued two adults and three children from a drifting banana boat at sea near PNG’s border with Micronesia. The unfortunate family was about 400 km north of Tatau Island in PNG from where they had left on November 19 for Simberi Island when picked up by the seiners ship's boat. On November 23, the boat was reported missing and the authority alerted all vessels in the area.

The PNG-flagged seiner dropped them off at Simberi Island on December 3, more than a week later than the family had planned to arrive there, after what is usually a 10 km boat trip. The five people survived the adventure because they took food and water for their trip.

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