Sajo Brings Korean Food Culture To The US 18 June 2024

Sajo Daelim wants to conquer the American market with kimbap, a Korean dish, in three flavors including tuna. The first 155,000 packages (36 tons) of frozen kimbap were shipped in April to the US. Tuna fishing and processing company Sajo expects to export 72,000 packages per month to the American Korean supermarket H-Mart. The sale in its 90 stores will start this month after completing some necessary sales procedures. The interest in Korean foods is rising among US consumers.

Kimbap is a Korean sushi roll wrapped in seaweed (kim) containing rice (bap), meat or fish, some omelet-style eggs, and vegetables, such as carrots and spinach. The rolls are served at room temperature but the frozen variation is becoming a global hit. Sajo launched its kimbap in three flavors, tuna with vegetables, mushrooms with typical Korean noodles, and a vegan variation with fried tofu and burdock roots. The company aims to spread the taste of Korea to overseas consumers and will develop products to meet that desire.

Government Directs Inspection Of Nicaraguan-Flagged Seiner 17 June 2024

The Nicaraguan government recently conducted an inspection of the purse seiner ‘Capt. Joe Jorge’ operating in the EPO to ensure it complies with international fishing regulations. On June 7, a technical team from the Nicaraguan Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Inpesca) carried out the checks at the government’s direction to ensure that the vessel had appropriate dolphin protection equipment and adhered to proper fishing methods. The seiner was moored at the San Juan del Sur port, located in southwest Nicaragua, during the checks. Inpesca confirmed that the seiner complies with the Nicaraguan and IATTC regulations. “The national Sandinista government guarantees the sustainability of fishing resources and compliance with regulations as well as contributes to the fight against IUU fishing,” reported Nicaraguan news sites.

‘Capt. Joe Jorge,’ flagged to Nicaragua, is a 56 m vessel with a 1,342 gross tonnage. It is owned by Pesquera Garces Jorge, S. de R. L. based in Panama. It fishes for tuna in the IATTC convention area.

Madagascar Increases Number Of EU Tuna Seiners In Its Waters 14 June 2024

Madagascar increased the number of EU vessels permitted to fish tuna in its EEZ. The Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy announced that 41 vessels, mainly Spanish and French, will be operating in its waters in 2024. It comprises 24 seiners, 11 longliners, and six support vessels. This is a slight increase from the numbers that were announced by the Ministry in January when it granted licenses for 11 seiners, three longliners, and five support boats.

The seiners will have to pay EUR 16,150 per annum and longliners, from EUR 3,145 to EUR 4,930, depending on their gross tonnage. The government also collects EUR 5,000 for a support vessel. The EU and Madagascar signed a fisheries deal last October wherein the latter will allow up to 65 vessels from EU member states to access the island nation’s waters over four years.

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