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GDST Expands In Members But No Data Exchange Yet
03 December 2021

Since the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) launched its first version of global standards for tracking seafood products from net to shelf, 105 companies and organizations have formally adopted and committed to implementing them. However, it remains unclear how the members are using these guidelines. Even after 1.5 years of implementation, no data exchange among its partners has been reported by GDST.

Among its members are businesses such as Pacifical (the MSC marketing arm of PNA), Frabelle, RD Foods, and Majestic Seafood. FCF and FIA have recently joined the platform. Retailers Tesco, Woolworths Group, Sainsbury's, Aldi North, and Aldi Sud are also members. GDST was established to promote a global framework for a compatible seafood traceability program.

Fisherman’s Foot Amputated By Accident On Board Seiner
30 November 2021

An accident on board the tuna vessel ‘Azteca 1’ in Mazatlán, Mexico, resulted in the amputation of a crew member’s foot, as reported by La Sirena. According to witnesses, the incident involving a rope was the cause of the amputation. Immediately after the accident, the boat rushed to the port to provide the necessary medical care. He was directly transferred to a hospital.

‘Azteca 1’ is a 59.74 meters long seiner with a fish carrying capacity of 1090 M/T. It is owned by Mexican company Pesca Azteca and according to IATTC records, it should currently be following the RFMO’s fishing closure which will end on January 19, 2022.

Indonesian Govt To Allow Foreign Fleets To Fish Tuna In Its EEZ
26 November 2021

In order to boost the fisheries sector and overall economic development, the Indonesian government is planning to offer IDR 110.2 trillion (USD 7.71 billion) worth of commercial fishing rights annually beginning next year. On November 23, Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, the Minister for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, said that a total quota of 4.89 million M/T annually in four fishing zones within the archipelago will be encompassed in this offer. 

The Jakarta Post reported that investors from the EU, China, Japan, and Taiwan have shown interest in fishing for tuna and other deep-sea fish in Indonesia. Small-scale Indonesian fishers can only fish in their nation's waters and if industrial distant water fleets have access to the country’s EEZ, it might prove to be major competition for the locals.

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