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Thai Union Donates Canned Tuna To Wuhan
14 February 2020

Thai Union China has donated 52,000 cans of King Oscar tuna to the city of Wuhan, which has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 viral outbreak. The first shipment of canned products was distributed to people working on the Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital Project, one of two new facilities being built for afflicted patients. The second shipment was sent to more than 15 other hospitals in the city.

The donation was conducted through a local logistics service and an online food delivery operator in China. Thai Union group provided this humanitarian assistance through its Tuna Aid program. Recently, Maldives donated a million cans of tuna to China due to the outbreak.

MSC Faces Backlash For Promoting "Seagan"
14 February 2020

MSC Netherlands and Belgium have come under fire for promoting 'Seagan', a term referring to a diet in which vegans occasionally supplement their meals with sustainable fish. The message was published on February 1 and removed on February 13 after backlash from the Dutch Association for Veganism (NVV), which stated the correct name for such a diet is pescetarianism.

The NVV questioned MSC's decision for this term – MSC is not the only one using it – and accused the Council of misinterpreting veganism. It is not just about plant-based food but also about ethics and a way of life in which there is no place for products derived from animals, such as fish. Although the Dutch MSC website has since removed this posting, it still writes about the term and even gives recipe suggestions.

Bluefin Tagging Program Open To Catch & Release Irish Fishers
13 February 2020

Charter vessel captains in the Irish coast can sign up to help with a Catch and Release Tagging (CHART) program for bluefin research in the Atlantic Ocean in the upcoming months. A maximum of 25 permits will be granted to qualified fishers for tagging this tuna when this fishery opens from July 1 to November 12.

The Tuna CHART program is a collaborative scientific initiative between Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) and the Marine Institute in partnership with several other organizations in the country. Depending on the success of the project, it might be extended for the following two years.

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