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Dongwon Expands Its Healthy Fast Food Chain
03 August 2021

Today, Dongwon Group has opened its fifth CrispyFresh salad café at a spot that is easily accessible and where a lot of people pass by - a subway station in Seoul. The food shop only serves salads made with fresh ingredients from other subsidiaries within the Dongwon Group.

The ingredients include tuna and Norwegian salmon caught by Dongwon Industries. The lettuce is hydroponically grown and pesticide-free from the Group’s agricultural joint venture in smart farm, Eoseok. Samjo Celltech, owned by Dongwon Home Food, manufactures the various dressings being used to season the CrispyFresh salads.

Why Can Slovenians Not Fish Any Tuna In Their EEZ?
03 August 2021

Slovenian fishermen are not allowed to fish for bluefin in their own waters as the country does not have a share of the EU quota. This is because Slovenia's fisheries policymakers did not include the nation in the bluefin negotiations when joining the EU, as probably back then tuna was scarce in the Mediterranean. But now, the fish is being spotted more and more and local sailors cannot target it without facing retribution, reported Primorkse Novice.

At the local fresh markets, an average of EUR 28 has to be paid for a kilo of bluefin which might be caught by Slovenian fishermen on Croatian vessels, or coming from Italy. If Slovenia could manage to reverse the decision that was made decades ago, it would stimulate the nation's tradition of tuna fishing.

Calvo’s ‘Easy Flip’ Packaging Wins Innovation Award In Spain
02 August 2021

Calvo’s new tuna packaging concept, which was launched this January, has received the Galicia Food Awards in the category of Innovative Product. These awards are meant to contribute to the promotion of Galician food products and beverages. They are granted based on several aspects such as the transfer of technological knowledge and R&D in the products as well as processes that improve the quality of life of consumers.

The Spanish processing company's new product consists of an ‘Easy Flip’ which combines the already existing Minimal Drain technology with a simple aluminium peel top that has its seam edges pointing outwards similar to a one-serve yogurt cup, making it extremely consumer-friendly. Moreover, the steel container can be easily turned upside down and all the tuna meat can come out whole onto the plate for eating. This is veyr normal almost anywhere in the world, but in Spain this is a novelty as well over 90 percent the market accounts for three-packs units consisting of 80 g tuna cans with wide seam edges in three-packs presentation.

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