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Should Plant-based "Tuna" Be Labeled As A Tuna Product?

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Marine Instruments Unveils TunaDrone
23 April 2019

Spanish company Marine Instruments is preparing to break into the security and defense sector alongside their work with the fisheries industry. The company recently unveiled a new innovation, the Tunadrone, an “unmanned aerial vehicle for the detection of free school tuna”. According to their website, the drone will be used to identify birds and tuna school in order to “support sustainable and efficient fishing.”

The drone was manufactured and designed entirely by Marine Instruments and boasts a number of new features such as autonomous launch and landing, solar and battery power sources, real time HD images with a speed of 35 knots and a range of 18 nautical miles. 

TU’s Mareblu Launches “Cinci Le Creuset”
18 April 2019

Thai Union’s (TU) Italian subsidiary Mareblu is launching another award scheme, this year’s competition kicks off on April 15 until December under the name "Vinci Le Creuset con Mareblu". There are weekly prizes for grasp, which include Le Creuset mini-cocotte ceramic and cast iron pots Le Creuset, valued at Eur 259 each. 

During that period, all those who buy Light Tuna and Tuna VeroSapore will be eligible to win the Le Creuset prizes. Enter the new contest by registering your recipe on their website.

Locals Loot Tipped Tuna Truck
18 April 2019

A heavy-duty truck driving in a military convoy tipped sideways in Colombia when the driver lost control of the vehicle. 

Instead of assisting the driver and passenger, some citizens reportedly took advantage of the situation and stole the tuna products.

The incident took place on the road linking the city of Ibagué to the capital, Bogotá.

Police arrived at the scene to address the incident and prevent further theft. A person traveling in the passenger seat sustained minor injuries and had to be assessed by healthcare professionals.

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