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American Senator Receives His Tuna Lunch By Drone
27 September 2022

American Senator, Mark Warner, was amazed when Wings delivered him a can of tuna by drone at his visit to the company's site in Christiansburg, Virginia, last Friday. The company created an experimental zone as part of its effort to expand the availability of its drone service. During the test, the senator asked “Am I actually going to get what I ordered?” The company's representative confirmed that within a few minutes he would receive a package delivered by a drone.

"Looks to me like I got lunch," Warner quipped as he held up a can of tuna and a bottle of water. Wings' drone deliveries have been limited to certain parts of Christiansburg since it started a few years ago. Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., gained national attention over the past few years for this service. In the first quarter of 2022, the service made more than 50,000 deliveries. According to Warner, drones are a perfect solution for getting food, water, and medicines to communities in times of disasters. He said that the company should be given more latitude by the FAA to expand to other parts of the country.

Dongwon Staff Rolls Up Sleeves Cleaning Up Plastic Waste
26 September 2022

On the occasion of ‘International Coastal Cleanup Day’, South Korean tuna fishing Dongwon Industries held a cleanup event. The employees of the company came together last Friday to tidy the coastal lines of Yangjaecheon Stream in Seoul and Gamseong Beach in Busan. The staff collected waste in groups of four.

The event, designed to reduce marine plastic waste, was held as part of the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) conference to be held next month in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where global fishing companies discuss sustainable fisheries. There is a 'SeaBOS' app, where member companies can display collected and managed marine plastics as data in real time. This was Dongwon's second time attending since last year.

Dream Deal: Mexican NGO Promises Fishermen Double Value
22 September 2022

The Smartfish NGO promises double the price for tuna landed by Mexican fishermen in Oaxaca City, South of Mexico. Such a claim has never been heard before. The organization is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of fishermen and is offering regional fishing cooperatives a choice to sell their products into better-paying market segments. Smartfish is working with the fishers for enhancing harvest and build a small processing facility to freeze and vacuum-pack their skipjack catches in collaboration with local cooperatives.

Over the past three years, Smartfish has been involved in engaging numerous Mexican fisheries and cooperatives, and has received many awards for its work in addressing a key challenge for engaging non-industrial producers. Participating fishers will receive more than double the usual landing price reported SeafoodSource. They added that the “skipjack harvested by small-scale fishers in Oaxaca fetches as little as USD 1.00 per kilo”.

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