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Duty-Free Ghanaian Tuna Will Continue To Reach The UK
03 March 2021

Ghana tuna exports to the UK will continue to enjoy a zero percent import tariff after the country's exit from the EU became official last January. This is after a new trade deal was recently signed between the two parties. Besides canned tuna, the agreement also includes bananas and cocoa. 

The exports of canned tuna from Ghana to the UK amounted to 10,632 M/T in 2019. Ghana is home to Thai-Union’s Pioneer Food, which delivers John West’s products, and a pole-and-line cannery owned by FCF in a joint-venture with Ghanaian fishing company, Panofi Limited. 

WCPFC Starting On Better Labor Standards For Tuna Crews
02 March 2021

Members of the WCPFC are stepping up their efforts in making changes to labor practices for crews aboard tuna fishing vessels. On Monday, the WCPFC sent a circular stating that New Zealand and Indonesia are seeking nominations for participants to the intersessional work on this issue.

The WCPFC17 annual gathering agreed to this work and is meant to be led by the two countries and developed in consultation with the Commission Chair and the RFMO’s Secretariat. Indonesia has especially been vocal about safe working practices after human rights abuses against its citizens employed by Chinese tuna longliners were brought under the spotlight last year. In December, the Southeast Asian nation asked the RFMO to tighten labor protection for crews.

MSC Extends Derogations For Another Year
01 March 2021

Last Friday, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) announced that it will be continuing with some of its measures that were put in place a year ago due to the global pandemic. It will extend the use of remote audits until March 28, 2022, but only if required because of Covid-19 restrictions or health concerns. It expects independent assessors to resume on-site visits where possible, with extra reviews remaining in place for initial assessments not carried out in person.

The Council is also extending the time to complete improvements related to actions or decisions by external management agencies by 12 months. During this period, fisheries will still need to continue to meet the MSC Fisheries Standard. Supply chain businesses that need to be checked for the risk of forced or child labor can proceed with an audit through a recognized labor program or complete a detailed self-assessment. All new derogations will come into effect on March 27, 2021.

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