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Explorer Magalhães Honored By Portuguese Tuna Brand
28 October 2020

Five hundred years ago, Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães arrived at the South American coast after a year of traveling. Tuna processor Ramirez has joined the official quincentenary celebration of the historic figure by expanding its Magellan brand with canned tuna carrying the adventurer's image.

The three tuna products – in vegetable oil, olive oil, and natural – are sold only in the domestic market. Ramirez announced that Magalhães was a true pioneer of globalization as he discovered the passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Strait of Magellan is named after this famous explorer who opened trade possibilities for the world.  

Controversy Continues Over Seiners Trespassing Mexican MPA
27 October 2020

Yesterday, again another three seiners were spotted in the Cortez Sea in Mexico, as reported by Big Fish. The marine area is a protected ecosystem and commercial fishing is prohibited. Two weeks ago, one tuna seiner was caught on camera operating in the region. After this, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency went to the site to judge the video and photo evidence and to inspect the vessel.

So far, the agency revealed that the seiner ‘Archipiélago de Revillagigedo’ was anchored and therefore not fishing. The shrimp boats present at that time were found not to be affecting the ecosystem. The vessels were urged by the authorities to leave the area.

ICCAT Event To Reveal Info On Tagged Atlantic Tuna
26 October 2020

ICCAT will have its final symposium on the Atlantic Ocean Tropical Tuna tagging Program (AOTTP) online from January 12 to 14. It will bring together students, scientists, managers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to present and discuss AOTTP results.

The event will have sessions on various topics such as age and growth; mortality and assessment; and stock assessment and management. Recently, the RFMO revealed that as of May 25 this year, a total of 120,382 tropical tuna have been tagged and released.

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