The US Canned Tuna Market: An Oligopoly?

18 December 2017

The US price fixing scandal has shown how the canned tuna market in the country is an “oligopoly”, with the Big 3 brands dominating the concentrated market, according to a lawyer deeply involved with the case.

Christopher Lebsock, a Partner at Hausfeld LLP represents Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op, Inc., the first plaintiff to file a civil lawsuit against StarKist, Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea, accusing of conspiracy to fix prices of canned tuna artificially high in the US market.

At the second edition of the Americas Tuna Conference in Panama in February, Lebsock will take the stage to offer insight into the ongoing price fixing saga. He will discuss the power of consumers and retailers when it comes to suing the Big 3 over underfilling, price fixing and collusion.

AMAtuna2018 takes place in Panama City on February 22-23. In addition to Lebsock, several other expert speakers will lead talks on a range of issues surrounding the central theme; “Shifting Powers In The Tuna Industry Landscape.”

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