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Atuna News
Dutch Firm To Buy France’s Biggest Tuna Group
Dutch fisheries firm, Parlevliet & Van der Plas (P&P) could soon be responsible for the operation of 14 French-flagged tuna seiners...
Atuna News
Raw Mat Demand In Thai Canneries Still Low
After whole round tuna imports into Thailand last year sunk to a new low since at least 2010, demand in Bangkok canneries has stayed...
Atuna News
Profit Slump Can’t Shake Confidence In TU
The recent revelation of a notable Q1 net profit slump for Thai Union hasn’t managed to shake investor confidence in the firm, while...
Atuna News
Bangkok SKJ: Price Staying Firm
In the midst of slow trading activity, the skipjack market in Thailand’s capital remains steady, with prices staying firm. Boatowners...
Atuna News
Waitrose: All Tuna Must Be Sustainable By End 2017
The ball is now rolling throughout UK supermarket chains, and following in Tesco’s footsteps, Waitrose has now committed to making...