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Tuna Processing News
How One Company Is Turning Tuna Bycatch Into A Money-Maker
Home to one of the world’s busiest tuna ports, an Indian Ocean tuna hub, a company in the Seychelles has a plan to significantly...
Tuna Processing News
Thai Union Increases Its Grip On Songkla Canning
Getting its hands on an extra 9.56 percent stake in Songkla Canning, Thai Union now holds just over 90 percent of all shares in...
Tuna Processing News
Exploding ALBO Canned Inventory Fuels Fire
More than 200 people were evacuated in an industrial area of Vigo yesterday after a building set to be turned into a tuna cannery...
Tuna Processing News
Corned Tuna Wins Gold “Trusted Brand” Award
Filipino-based canned tuna brand San Marino appears to have won the trust of the nation’s consumers, as its corned tuna product...
Tuna Processing News
Smoother Path To EU Market For Solomon’s Tuna
Increased tractability and smoother access to the EU market is the outcome of a milestone moment this month for Solomon Island’s...