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Atuna News
Waitrose: All Tuna Must Be Sustainable By End 2017
The ball is now rolling throughout UK supermarket chains, and following in Tesco’s footsteps, Waitrose has now committed to...
Atuna News
Declining Tuna Consumption Solution In An Envelope?
With canned tuna consumption having taken a modest slide in some major markets for several years, pouched tuna products are...
Atuna News
EU Buyers Confident In The Face Of Red-Rated YF
Red-rated IO yellowfin, and the potential for a 20 percent catch cut of the species isn’t causing too much concern in the EU fresh...
Atuna News
The Real Reasons Behind Kiribati’s Yellow Card
The European Commission could be stepping up to calls to create increased transparency within its IUU carding system, with detailed...
Atuna News
Frustration At Slow Progress On New Tuna Treaty
After a week of talks and negotiations, delegates are no further forward in making any formal decisions on a new South Pacific...