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Atuna News
Drastic Cuts In Thailand’s Albacore Supply
Deliveries of whole round albacore to Thai tuna canners last year were cut by a third compared to 2014, as the industry was...
Atuna News
Sale Complete: P&P Buys French Seiner Fleet
The final sale is now complete on a deal that caught the industry’s attention in May this year, with the announcement that a Dutch...
Atuna News
Unusual Trend In Bangkok SKJ Price
Tuna prices aren’t taking the usual trend this year, and while the start of the annual WCPFC FAD ban has previously spurred significant...
Atuna News
US Tuna Market Flooded With Euthynnus
A growing market trend in US canned tuna is continuing to disrupt business in Thailand’s capital, as Bangkok based canners struggle...
Atuna News
The World's Top 3 Tuna Purse Seine Fleets
Most in the tuna industry know that the Indonesian fleet tops the charts by far for commercial tuna catches, but year on...