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Atuna News
The “Fake Tuna” That’s Disrupting The Market
There’s a "fake tuna" that has started severely disrupting the US food service canned tuna market, and American imports of it are rocketing. According to...
Atuna News
BKK SKJ Price Takes Another Small Step
After breaking the USD 1,400 barrier, the Bangkok skipjack price (SKJ1.8:BKK) has taken another step up, climbing a modest three percent on levels earlier in...
Atuna News
TUF May Cut Stake In Chicken Of The Sea
Thai Union has indicated that it may cut its holding in US top tuna brand Chicken of the Sea (COS) in order to help facilitate its planned purchase of Bumble...
Atuna News
Will The Mermaid Get A New Or Second Partner?
With TUF indicating that a part Chicken of the Sea (COS) sell-off may be the route it takes to help facilitate its planned purchase of Bumble Bee (BB), many in...
Atuna News
TUF To Invest 10’s Of Millions In Middle East J/V
Often not getting the attention it deserved from the world’s largest tuna industry players, the Middle East’s potential appears to have been recognized by Thai...