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Atuna News
“Tunas Ecuador” Brand Should Promote Industry
A plan to develop unified branding for Ecuador’s tuna products has been announced by the nation’s Foreign Trade Minister...
Atuna News
Mexicans Enter Critical MSC Stakeholder Stage
The Mexican group, Pacific Alliance for Sustainable Tuna (PAST), has announced that the 36 seiners of its member companies have...
Atuna News
Two More Retailers Sue "Big 3" Over Price Fixing
Two more plaintiffs have joined the US antitrust case, filing a complaint in California that accuses the Big 3 tuna brands of...
Atuna News
Taiwan Introduces Stricter Standards For Tuna Fleet
Taiwan is seeking to improve conditions in its fishing fleet with commercial fishing boat owners in the country facing strict...
Atuna News
Thai Union Completes US Buy-out
Thai Union Group has completed the buyout of Tri-Union Frozen Products (TUFP), which operates as Chicken of the Sea, shelling...