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SolTuna To Expand To More Shelves In The UAE
25 November 2022

SolTuna canned tuna brand from the Solomon Islands is expanding in the UAE. Since 2020, it has a deal with Abu Dhabi-based Talent SeaFoods Trading. The distributor recently took delivery of a fully-loaded container with white tuna flakes in oil and yellowfin in oil. An additional container of seven varieties of SolTuna products will arrive in the UAE by end of the year. 

Talent SeaFoods Trading Partner Mohammed Kutty Valyakath said that there have been more enquiries for SolTuna items ever since it started retailing in three supermarket shelves in Abu Dhabi. Free samples of the canned tuna were distributed at malls and some villages too. But lack of stocks hampered the company’s plans as it could not meet the rising demand from locals, reported GCU Press.

New Tuna Mural In Galician Port Town Upsets Locals
24 November 2022

City council officials at the Galician port town of Burela are being criticised over a new mural of an unveiled scaffolding at a neighbourhood near Eijo Garay Street. Remodelling is being undertaken in the area and part of the renovation includes adding ceramics with marine motifs. Locals are annoyed why bluefin images adorn the walls instead of Bonito del norte (albacore) which are the main tuna catches in this region.

The half-done structure has also raised eyebrows amongst fishermen who consider this to be a grave mistake for the port town. “The bonito has a longer fin and longer head,” said one sailor to La Voz de Galicia. The iconic Pedra Burela, a lighthouse that was destroyed during storms was never revamped, and the historic boat Carmela was dismantled earlier this year. “Burela treats its historic symbols badly,” said another unhappy townsperson. For more information about various tuna, see Atuna's Tuna Species Guide.


Japan Airlines Serves Plant-Based Tuna In First Class
23 November 2022

Japan’s second-largest air service, Japan Airlines, is serving BettaF!sh plant-based tuna in a wrap to first- and business-class passengers on flights between Tokyo and London. The company’s Catering Operations Manager, Masahiro Nishino, said that it was amazing to create umami flavors with the vegan alternative tuna. But how will passengers accustomed to being served top-quality sashimi when flying first class experience this wrap?

German-based BettaF!sh is excited about the collaboration with the airline. It produces three food service products – TU-NAH Creamy, TU-NAH Base, and TU-NAH Topping & Filling – that can replace canned tuna in any dish, making it vegan. All items are made from European-sourced fava beans and seaweed and contain no added sugar, preservatives, or yeast extract.

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