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Panamanian Officials Find Weight Deviation In 1/3 Tuna Products
22 March 2023

The Authority for Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco) conducted an operation to verify the net content of tuna and seafood products that are sold from retail shelves. Out of the 36 products tested last year, 24 were accepted and 12 were rejected because there were anomalies in the weight declared on the label. The organization conducts the tests every year.

This year, the officials randomly picked samples from 35 brands to be tested in Acodeco's Metrology Department. The main objective of the analysis was to determine whether the items comply with the minimum tolerances permitted by the Department's regulations. Acodeco reiterated the importance of adhering to the weight and net content stated on the label, as required by law. The results and names of the brands will be announced after analysis of all products. 

Philippine Small-Scale Fishers Criticize Government Building Cold Storage
21 March 2023

A group of small-scale fishermen in the Philippines has criticized the government's decision to build eleven fish cold storage facilities close to their fishing grounds and landing spots. A spokesperson from the group representing the mariners said they only have access to styrofoam coolers with ice to preserve the catch. Meanwhile, there are already several cold storages with 30,000-ton capacity in Mindanao for tuna and sardines.

They want authorities to pay attention to issues that depress the productivity of the fishers and promote measures to help reduce the impact of climate change on coastal communities, instead of investing in post-fishing facilities.

Jealsa Plant Resumes Operations By Procuring From Artisanal Fishers
20 March 2023

Jealsa had temporarily suspended operations of its Industria Atunera Centroamericana plant in Guatemala owing to a lack of raw materials. But the company announced this weekend that it will resume fresh tuna production as 150 artisanal fishermen have been licensed to catch and sell the fish to its processing facility.

Last week, Jealsa decided to suspend 300 workers for 90 days (until May 1) without pay because of the tuna scarcity. But the registered fishermen – from San José and Iztapa in Escuintla – will bring in more fish in the coming days. Registration took place last week at the Pacific Naval Base by the Directorate of Fisheries Aquaculture Regulations (Dipesca). Once the production kick-starts, Jealsa can make products for the local market and export the rest to the US. One of the requirements for the company to restart work was the licensing of artisanal fishermen.

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