Juan Corrales
CEO Grupo Garavilla / Isabel

"Atuna has helped us understand that tuna is a Global industry, same issues in all the different world areas require ‎common solutions."
Chris Lischewski
CEO Bumble Bee Foods

"Atuna.com is one of my daily ‘must reads’ so I can see what news is breaking in the global tuna industry. The content is always fresh, sometimes contentious and generally addresses multiple sides of the various issues which our industry is facing. Importantly, Atuna.com is the only site I am aware of that provides real time reporting on trends in global tuna costs. I applaud the visibility that Atuna.com is bringing to the tuna world and will continue to be a loyal subscriber!"
Bubba - Alfred Cook
WWF Pacific

"Atuna.com is the best website out there for all things tuna, boldly addressing a broad variety of issues related to tuna ranging from stock sustainability to market dynamics. Regardless of your background or interest, it provides a finger on the pulse of the global tuna industry. For timely and useful information on our global tuna resource, there is no better source than Atuna.com!"
Nontapong Singhalachat
Managing Director MMP International Co., Ltd

"Fast, up to date, reliable informations in the market."
Bill Holden
MSC Pacific Fisheries Manager

"I read Atuna.com as a source of information on tuna fisheries in the Western and Central Pacific. Since I joined MSC five years ago and began coordinating our global tuna program, the value of Atuna.com for me has skyrocketed. This is my go to website for everything tuna and I use it daily. If I need to know about tuna issues, events, prices, companies and deals happening, I know Atuna.com will have it."
Professor Glenn Hurry
Former Director of WCPFC – Western Central Pacific Tuna Commission

"Here at the Tuna Commission in Pohnpei, Micronesia we are a bit remote so we regularly monitor a couple of websites so that we can stay in touch and up to date on current issues in the tuna industry. Atuna.com is one these daily news feeds we monitor and it provides a very good coverage of current and emerging issues in the tuna industry including articles on the fishing industry and on trade which we find very useful. They should encouraged to continue with the same broad coverage of issues. The WCPFC staff enjoy our membership of Atuna.com."
Maurice James Brownjohn (OBE)
Commercial Director PNA Office

"Atuna offers daily a very comprehensive run down on global and regional tuna sector issues and insights into the broader sector which are second to none. Now with enhanced services, trade forums and interactive links, it leaves atuna as the only place to be."
Douglas Hines
35 years in Industry in Trading, Canning and Fishing

"Since its concept 20 years ago and the implementation and execution over the past 15 years, ATUNA has provided a valuable portal to global news and trends. This has proven beneficial to Industry, Customers, Governments and NGO’s as well as all of that are part of the worlds resource of this amazing Fish….the service itself has grown beyond the original scope and also provides statistical information, market trends and a platform for opinion. As the future evolves information will continue its importance and this portal is bound to remain the Industry leader."