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Atuna.com is the world’s leading website on tuna industry news, keeping tuna professionals up-to-date on the dynamics of the global tuna business and the latest trends.

  • Atuna.com is entirely specialized on one seafood species: Tuna
  • Atuna.com exclusively publishes need-to-know information for the global tuna business professionals
  • Atuna.com news content is globally gathered, analyzed, enriched and reported by an expert team

How can I see what Atuna.com features?

Please click here for a preview of Atuna.com and the extensive content our website has to offer.

How do I subscribe to Atuna.com?

You can subscribe to Atuna.com here.

How much does an annual subscription cost?

An annual subscription is EUR 569 or USD 569 for continued full access to Atuna.com.
Atuna.com subscribers are currently receiving our complimentary bi-annual ATUNA Business Magazine.

What are the payment methods available?

You can either pay by credit card or with a bank transfer.

When does my registration start?

As soon as payment is received, your subscription will be automatically activated for a full year and you will have full access to Atuna.com

Can anyone else access my account?

No one else can access your account. You will have your own log-in credentials to access Atuna.com. Your subscription is for your individual use only.

Do you offer special discount prices for Corporate group subscriptions?

Certainly. Please contact us for more details at support@atuna.com.

How can I change my password?

You can reset your password here.

Why does my account indicate that I have to wait to log in?

You may still be logged in on another one of your devices. Please log out and try again. 
In case of difficulties, please contact us at support@atuna.com.

How can I access the tuna price data?

Please log in to Atuna.com and choose ‘Prices’ from the menu.
Our price data archive dates from 1995 until the present date.

How can I advertise with Atuna?

Just get in touch with us at promote@atuna.com and we will provide you with a tailor-made proposal.
You can also click here to download our Media Kit for our current advertisement opportunities and rates on Atuna.com, in the ATUNA Business Magazine and/or at an Atuna Events.

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